Muse & Co. integrates a passion for fine art with an appreciation for interior design


Pat Zalisko, Sun-Kissed, mixed media on canvas, 48″ x 48″

Donna Mcdonald and Judy Goldberg joined forces to open Muse & Co. fine art gallery in Roswell in 2010. After a decade in the business, and due to many factors, such as soaring rents, the co-owners decided to move the gallery to Marietta in the heart of historic Marietta Square, a place where they always dreamed their gallery would thrive. “There is a great arts community in Marietta, including fine art, theater and dance,” McDonald says. “It is a perfect location for us.”

“We noticed an immediate difference when we moved from Roswell to Marietta,” Goldberg says in agreement. “Marietta is a walkable city with a strong arts community. We felt welcomed by the other galleries and patrons with open arms.”

A few months after their move, however, COVID-19 hit, and gallery visits ground to a halt. “We couldn’t believe the timing since we were so excited to share in this art community. All of the galleries had to get creative, so we all decided to conduct online virtual tours, including the popular First Friday Marietta Square Art Walks,” Goldberg says.

Chris Grubb, Decatastrophization, bronze, 16″ x 10″

“We actually secured national news coverage about our virtual tours because the Marietta Square galleries were one of the first to do them. It was a great time for the arts because everyone was at home and focused on improving their home’s interior design,” McDonald adds.

Today, historic Marietta Square is a destination spot with restaurants, museums, art galleries, retail shops and events in Glover Park all year long. It provides visitors with a single spot to dine, shop and recreate and is where art lovers can get their fix at Muse & Co.

“Historic Marietta supports its small business owners by encouraging local entrepreneurship. That is what creates the unique sense of place you feel in Marietta,” says designer Anna Booth, who sources and places artwork from Muse & Co. in her clients’ homes.

Donna McDonald and Judy Goldberg

With more than 30 local and regional artists’ works on the gallery walls—plus new ones added as McDonald and Goldberg discover them—Muse & Co. is where collectors discover the latest emerging and established artists who live and work primarily in Georgia. “We have a strong group of artists in the gallery,” McDonald says. “While our focus is on local and regional artists, we also represent a few international artists, such as Zheng Li. Whether in Roswell or Marietta, people have always told us we carry some of the best art. We have a variety of original contemporary and transitional paintings on display, including florals, figuratives, abstracts and landscapes, and we represent several talented sculpture artists. We also carry a variety of price points. Because of this, we appeal to both first-time and seasoned collectors.”

Muse & Co. has represented some artists since the gallery’s inception, such as accomplished landscape and portrait artist Donna Hughes. “Donna’s work is prolific, so we carry a lot of her paintings in a range of subject matters,” Goldberg says.

“Donna and Judy have a passion for art and for curating the perfect spaces in their clients’ homes and corporate settings,” says Hughes. “Their love for art shines through in every commission and collaboration with both collectors and designers.”

Abstract painter Mary Beth Cornelius lives and works in Alpharetta. She retired as an electrical engineer from a past career in the oil and power industries but today works as a thriving artist whose artwork explores the divergence between geometric and organic shapes. Her engineering background encourages her love of line and shape, and her paintings reflect that influence.

“Muse & Co. has represented me for 12 years,” Cornelius says. “This gallery was my first venture into the world of art galleries. Donna and Judy have championed my art from the beginning and have continued to do so as it has evolved. They have placed my art in homes and corporations throughout Metro Atlanta. They work with both first-time and experienced buyers to build their collections and have many years of experience curating art. They are dedicated to serving their clients, as well as their artists, and are passionate and committed to bringing quality pieces to their clients.”

Zheng Li, Piano 25, oil on canvas, 48″ x 48

Several HGTV shows and movies have featured Muse & Co. artwork over the years. The gallery has provided art in the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting and in HGTV’s Green Home, among others.

The collaborations extend to interior designers, as McDonald and Goldberg find that art and design go hand in hand. The duo recently partnered with design firm Duffy Scott Interiors, which moved into the same building as Muse & Co. Together, they create room vignettes, pairing furnishings curated by Duffy Scott with art chosen by Muse & Co. “It shows homeowners how art could look in their spaces,” says McDonald. “It’s a wonderful way to both support our artists and beautify spaces by integrating art and design.”

Muse & Co. helps designers place the right art in their clients’ homes through its to-the-trade program. “We love our designers who have a strong focus on original art,” says McDonald. “We are happy to work with clients through complimentary in-home and in-office consultations to enhance their spaces. We also extend this service to our out-of-town customers via virtual consultations, showing them how certain pieces of artwork will look by overlaying them in photos of their rooms.”

Zheng Li, Piano 25, oil on canvas, 48″ x 48

“These consultations are the best way to ensure they get the right piece for their space,” Goldberg says. “Art can look very different in their space than in the gallery, as things like lighting, colors in the room and other artwork can affect the look of a particular piece, so we always recommend this service when possible. Art can transform a room and evoke various emotions, so we are interested in much more than simply matching artwork to a sofa. We think everyone should love the piece and believe every piece has a perfect home.”

Christy Scott Spearman and Kate Duffy of Duffy Scott Interiors say: “Original art is a key part of our design process. The power of custom artwork to create spaces with depth and character is lost in mass-produced pieces. Our clients come to us for unique, one-of-a-kind looks, and custom artwork is essential. Donna and Judy collaborate closely with designers, providing tailored pieces that speak to each client’s aesthetic. From initial selection to final placement, Muse & Co. offers a curated array of options, ensuring every artwork finds its perfect match. It’s a personalized journey where every stroke matters in elevating spaces from ordinary to extraordinary.”

April Riley, Wild Flowers, acrylic on canvas, 48″ x 36″

McDonald and Goldberg encourage art collectors to take advantage of the First Friday Marietta Square Art Walks to see some of the latest pieces created by Muse & Co.’s artists. For those who want to stop by the gallery, the owners change the artwork on the gallery walls monthly so there is always something new to see.

Donna Cassaro Hughes, Morning on the Chattahoochee, oil on canvas, 48″ x 60″

McDonald and Goldberg find it important to extend hospitality to their gallery visitors. “We always want the gallery to be welcoming,” McDonald explains. “We want people to feel comfortable walking in and browsing the artwork on the gallery walls. We want the space to feel warm and inviting and try our best to make it easy to relax and enjoy both art and good conversation here.” *

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